Founded in 1973, LABO Korea is the first ever organization in Korea focused on providing home-stay services for international visitors. Over the last 36 years, families affiliated with LABO Korea's home-stay program have welcomed many international visitors into their homes and have allowed visitors to experience the Korean family first hand, facilitating an environment without boundaries like language, race, and religion.
With programs as short as one day or as long as months at a time, Labo's homestay programs provide unforgettable experiences immersed in native culture and language.
The organization is received domestically in a highly positive regard. Most notably, the organization received the presidential award in 2005 as an "organization globally promoting Korea in a positive light."
Visiting Korea through LABO Korea's home-stay program is a great way to experience the real Korea for both new and returning visitors. It's also a way to build new relationships that could last a lifetime.
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